Biosecurity system oversight

MPI's system oversight role in New Zealand’s biosecurity requires looking across all biosecurity activity, not just the MPI related parts. A successful Post-border Biosecurity System needs the cooperation of several agencies. MPI takes the lead role in dealing with pests that are considered a national priority; the Department of Conservation manages pests on conservation estates, and Regional Authorities are responsible for controlling pests within their geographical boundaries.

This website is a first step in collecting and presenting biosecurity activity and performance data. We are developing a system to allow MPI as the lead agency in biosecurity to monitor, measure, review and evaluate the performance of the system and provide a nationwide tool for all pest management stakeholders.

Regional Pest Management

16 Regional Authorities throughout New Zealand have adopted Regional Pest Management Strategies (RPMSs) that provide a strategic and statutory framework for efficient and effective management of pest plants and animals in their region. We provide a selection of reports that display the pest management activities throughout New Zealand.

Table Report


Choose any or all species, regions and management programmes to see a table of how pests are managed.

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Map of New Zealand

Choose a single species to see a map of New Zealand showing how each region manages any pest.

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Pie Chart

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